13th Shanghai International Fisheries and Seafood Exhibition
13th Shanghai International Aquaculture Exhibition
29 - 31 August 2018 • Shanghai New International Expo Center, China

Concurrent events

World Seafood Shanghai Exhibition 2018 —— Concurrent Activities  (Expecting)


Activity 1 — Dalian · Changhai County Geographical Indication - Selected Seafood Introduction Campaign 


People's Government of Changhai County

Shanghai Fisheries Group Longmen Food Co., Ltd


Activity Area (W3T18), Hall W3


29th August


Dalian · Changhai County Geographical Indication- Selected Seafood Introduction Campaign 


Activity 2 — Salmon Industry Development Forum

活动 2 —— 2018 年首届三文鱼产业圆桌发展高峰论坛  
Activity 2 ——Salmon Industry Development Forum
主办单位 Organisers 地点 Venue 时间 Time
Shanghai Aige Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
上海新国际博览中心 W2馆M9会议室
Meeting Room M9, SNIEC
29th August
Seafood Guide
内容 Topic
1、致辞 Speech
挪威海产局(NSC)中国大陆和香港地区总监 毕思明      
Norwegian Seafood Council (NSC) Director of Mainland China and Hong Kong Sigmund Bjorgo  
全球水产养殖联盟(GAA)副总裁 Steve Hart      
Vice President of the Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA)  Steve Hart  
2、报告主题 Topic 报告嘉宾 Speaker
      2.1 全球三文鱼产业的蓝色革命
            Blue Revolution in Global Salmon Industry
美威(Marine Harvest)中国区首席代表 许宛农
Marine Harvest Chief Representative for China WanNong Xu

      2.2 2018年全球三文鱼生产消费情况总结及2019年市场预测
            Summary of Global Salmon Production and Consumption in 2018 

            and Market Forecast for 2019

赛马克(Cermaq)全球市场总监 Arild Aakre 
Cermaq Director of Global Market  Arild Aakre
      2.3 百舸争流千帆竞,借海扬帆奋者先 ——挪威三文鱼在中国市场的机遇与挑战
            Norwegian Salmon Challenges and Potentialities in China
莱瑞(Leroy)中国首席代表 谷裕
Juliana Guyu, Chief Representative of Lerøy Seafood AS China Office

      2.4 美味智利三文鱼在中国的进阶:迅速增长的三文鱼来自距离中国最遥远的国度
            The Rise of Tasty Chilean Salmon in China:  Fast Growing Salmon 

            Coming from the Farthest Country from China

智利爱阁食品(Super Salmon)区域总监(Country Manager)Alejandro Cuevas S.
Super Salmon Country Manager Alejandro Cuevas S.
       2.5 引领三文鱼加工变革
             Transforming the Way Salmon is Processed 
马瑞奥(Marel)三文鱼业务经理(Salmon Business Manager) Christian Bols
Marel  Salmon Business Manager Christian Bols

              2.6 中国本土大西洋鲑养殖情况及市场前景分析
                    Overview of Cold Seawater Resources Suitable for Salmon 

                   Farming Near China and Related  Projects

山东东方海洋科技股份有限公司大西洋鲑RAS养殖项目经理 江鑫 博士
Oriental Ocean Altantic Salmon RAS Plant Salmon Cooperation Programme Manager Xin Jiang
3、现场交流环节  On-site Communication
     3.1 全球三文鱼业者对中国市场的看法和计划
           Salmon's views and plans for the Chinese market

     3.2 中国三文鱼市场的可持续健康发展趋势和计划
           The sustainable and healthy development trend and plan of the salmon market in China
4 、三文鱼十大最具影响力生产商颁奖典礼 
      Salmon's Top Ten Most Influential Producers Awards Ceremony
5 、三文鱼十大最具影响力进口商颁奖典礼 
       Salmon Top Ten Most Influential Importers Awards Ceremony



Activity 3 — Seafood Tasting Session

This seafood tasting session is a platform for country pavilions and international companies to showcase their cuisines and offerings in order to attract international and domestic buyers.

Organiser Shanghai ITE Gehua Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Venue :Activity Area (W3T18), Hall W3





29th August


Seafood Tasting Session - Dalian Show

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    Seafood Tasting Session -Pangasius Introduction Campaign Register to attend

30th August


Seafood Tasting Session - Norwegian Salmon Show

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  Seafood Tasting Session - Demo of the disintegration of King Salmon Register to attend


Seafood Tasting Session - Demo of the disintegration of Tuna

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Importing/exporting traders; HoReCa; Supermarkets; Food processing enterprises; Fresh food e-commerce businesses; plus many more.

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Activity 4 — Excellent Suppliers Selection and Award Ceremony

Venue: #1 Entry Hall, SINEC

Date: 29th August



Activity 6 Business Match-making Session for International Importers

China has the world’s largest population and is the largest food and beverage export market.
Additionally. The Britain – Chinese Trade Association reported that in 2014, China imported $482.2 million, with this figure increasing annually.

Seafood is a major sector of China’s food imports as Chinese consumers increase their consumption and demand levels, and the variety of seafood available expands. Improvements to
cold chain logistics and the growth of online retailers has also attributed to more imported seafood entering the domestic food market.

Russia, USA, Argentina, Norway, Canada, Japan and Peru are among the largest seafood exporters to China. To help more international exhibitors successfully enter the Shanghai and
Central China seafood market, a match-making session for international seafood importers will take place as part of the World Seafood Shanghai Exhibition.


Organiser: Shanghai ITE Gehua Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Venue: Activity Area

Date: 30th August

Time: 13:00-14:30