12th Shanghai International Fisheries and Seafood Exhibition
12th Shanghai International Aquaculture Exhibition
19 - 21 August 2017 • Shanghai New International Expo Center, China

Concurrent events

12th World Seafood Shanghai Exhibition (SIFSE) Concurrent Events

I. Seafood Tasting Session
This seafood tasting session is a platform for country pavilions and international companies to showcase their cuisines and offerings in order to attract international and domestic buyers.

How to check-in
Check in at the blue table displaying flowers, where you will also receive a free visitor guide.

What is included?
1. One or two screens.
2. Use of the cooking station with a cooker. (For additional equipment, apply to the organiser at first and carry it on yourself.)
3. Usage of the professional audio, spotlights and microphone.
4. Check-in support from the organising staff.
5. Drinks Bar.

Private meeting area
A meeting area will be provided so you can host business meetings.

USD 4,500 / 45 min
USD 13,500 / 135 min

Importing/exporting traders; HoReCa; Supermarkets; Food processing enterprises;

Fresh food e-commerce businesses; plus many more.

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II. Business Match-making session for international importers
China has the world’s largest population and is the largest food and beverage export market.
Additionally. The Britain – Chinese Trade Association reported that in 2014, China imported $482.2 million, with this figure increasing annually.

Seafood is a major sector of China’s food imports as Chinese consumers increase their consumption and demand levels, and the variety of seafood available expands. Improvements to
cold chain logistics and the growth of online retailers has also attributed to more imported seafood entering the domestic food market.

Russia, USA, Argentina, Norway, Canada, Japan and Peru are among the largest seafood exporters to China. To help more international exhibitors successfully enter the Shanghai and
Central China seafood market, a match-making session for international seafood importers will take place as part of the World Seafood Shanghai Exhibition.

ITE Asia Exhibitions
Shanghai Gehua Exhibition Planning
Shanghai ITE Gehua Exhibition Service

Time: 13:00 - 14:30 20th August
Place: Shanghai New International Expo Centre W2H100

What is the match-making session?
1. A maximum of 30 Chinese companies who import seafood will participate at the event.
2. Each international exhibitor will be matched with three of the above Chinese companies.
3. Each match-making session will officially last for 30 minutes, however you can continue your conversations after the match-making session ends.

Attendees: Only for Exported and Imported Seafood Companies(Organiser has the right to decide who can participate in this meeting. )
Registration Fee:USD 1000 / 20min
Deadline of Registration :23rd June

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