13th Shanghai International Fisheries and Seafood Exhibition
13th Shanghai International Aquaculture Exhibition
29 - 31 August 2018 • Shanghai New International Expo Center, China

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Featured Products - Shrimp

Datetime: 2017-04-17

The 12th Shanghai International Fisheries and Seafood Exhibition 

Featured Products - Shrimp 


The demand for global aquatic and seafood products has been increasing year by year and the growth in China is particularly impressive. Thanks to the consumers prefering all kinds of shrimp products for a long term, relevant products suppliers have a strong growth momentum in this potential market. The 12th Shanghai International Fisheries and Seafood Exhibition (SIFSE) attracted a large number of shrimp exhibitors around the world, “shrimp”becomes a major feature at this exhibition.


China's consumption of aquatic and seafood products is expected to grow 


Judging from the development of aquatic and seafood industry around the globe, the demand has maintained a steady growth about 2% annually. The amount of marine fishing has been kept around 90 million tons in recent years, while breeding quantity has continued to grow from 50 million tons in 2007 to 69.5 million tons in 2013, and accounts for a larger proportion of the total aquatic products, increasing from 35.39% to 43.9%.


In the past six years, the prices of shrimps in China were continuously rising. Due to the strong demand for shrimps from domestic, makes the prices more and more expensive as well, which also exerts a certain influence on the international market. “We opened new market in Asia, and it is booming”, said Dave Counsens, president of the Maine Lobstermen’s Association. Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP) also expressed that China is a very promising market.


Famous shrimp enterprises will exhibit at World Seafood Shanghai Exhibition 


As one of the largest, highest-level and most influential fisheries exhibitions in Asia, co-hosted by ITE Group’s affiliated company ITE Asia Exhibitions Ltd., Shanghai Gehua Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd., Shanghai ITE Gehua Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. and China Aquatic Production Chamber of Commerce, World Seafood Shanghai Exhibition (SIFSE) 2017, 12th Shanghai International Fisheries and Seafood Exhibition and 12th Shanghai International Aquaculture Exhibition, will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center on 19th - 21st  August 2017.


China has a large demand for aquatic products due to its large population. Especially in recent years, the consumption of high-quality products has jumped highly, bringing a huge opportunity to the domestic shrimp exporters. World Seafood Shanghai Exhibition (SIFSE) 2017 invited international exhibitors from Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, Australia, Vietnam, Ecuador, New Zealand, Poland, Argentina, Denmark, Canada, Spain, the United States, Peru, Pakistan, Latvia, Ireland and plus more, and other well-known domestic enterprises to participate in this event. Compared with previous exhibition, the scale of World Seafood Shanghai Exhibition (SIFSE) 2017 will increase exhibition area and number of participating enterprises definitely.


Introduction of some well-known shrimp enterprises is summarized as following to professionals to explore the influence of World Seafood Shanghai Exhibition (SIFSE) 2017:


Sociedad Nacional De Galapagos C.A.S.O.N.G.A Booth No.:W2H003 

It founded in 1932, the first Vannamei shrimp farmer in America. Now they onw over 8,000 hectares of ponds. To be the leader of Ecuador Vannamei shrimps industry, they are high reputation as they can stably supply high quality Vannamei shrimps products to the whole world.

Main product: head-on shrimps, headless shrimps, raw, cooled and peel.


 Omarsa S.A. Booth No. : W2H006 

Ecuadorian shrimp exporter since 1982. Can offer sustainable shrimp in any presentation. Reliable supplier for international markets.

Main product: Frozen shrimp.


Ecuador Shrimp Universal Seafood International Booth No. : W2H018 

Ecuador shrimp high quality fresh head-on shrimp, delivered by a trust worthy company with great product, history and reputation.

Main product: Frozen shrimp.


Expalasa Exportadora De Alimentos S.A Booth No. : W2H009 

EXPALSA was established on 1984, one of the biggest Ecuadorian shrimp exporters. They are the major larvae supplier to the Ecuadorian Shrimp Industry, also has a fully integrated production from beginning to end and a full trace-ability program.

Main product: Head-on shell on Vannamei shrimp.


Geraldton Fishermen’s Co-operative Booth No. : W2D029 

 Geraldton Fishermen's Co-operative was established in 1950 on the mid-west coast of Western Australia by a small group of fisherman with a common vision to market their own quality lobster worldwide. With more than 4,000 tonnes of lobster delivered annually, and 180 tonnes of live lobster storage.

Main product: Western Rock Lobsters


G-fresh Booth No. : W2C065 

G-fresh is a global leading online seafood marketplace, aims to integrate the entire clod logistics chain, customs handling, quality inspections and secure payment system into one online platform for a seamless, transparent export process.


CN Global Distributor Inc.  Booth No. : W2J013 

CN Global Distributor Inc. opened its first office in Toronto, Canada at 2008 and has grown into one of the largest wholesalers for retail stores, shopping malls, supermarkets and restaurants, providing service for customers with favorable prices and quality products.


Zhanjiang Guolian Aquatic Products Co., Ltd.  Booth No. : W1F036 

The company, founded in 2001, has now developed into a whole industry chain enterprise engaging in seedling, aquaculture, feed, processing, trade, scientific research.

Main products: Argentinean Red Shrimp, Ecuadorian White Shrimp, Canadian Cooked Lobster, Guolian Cooked head-on Shrimp, Bruneian Organic Blue Shrimp, Butterfly Shrimp, Shrimp Meat, and so on.


FuJian HaiHun Aquatic Products Co,. Ltd.  Booth No. : W1F092 

Established in 2010, the company specializes in aquatic products processing, mainly engaging in the processing and sales of Penaeus Vannamei.

Main product: HaiHun Star and New Dream series products, such as Single Frozen Cooked Shrimp, Raw Shrimp, Single Frozen Green Shrimp Meat and Phoenix-tailed Prawn; deep processing products such as Bread Shrimp, Sushi and Boiled Shrimp,and plus more.


Zhanjiang Rainbow Aquatic Development Co., Ltd.  Booth No. : W1T008 

Its factory covers an area of over 60 mu with a 28,000 building. The refrigerated storage capacity reaches 19500 tons with 13 cold storage and the daily processing capacity reaches about 150 tons.

Main product: Frozen shrimps with heads, fozen shrimps without heads, frozen shrimp meats, bread shrimps, cooked shrimps, smoked shrimps, squid rings, and so on.


Zhanjiang Universal Seafood Corp.  Booth No. : W1E052 

The company is committed to deep processing and export of aquatic products. Rich marine resources and vigorous development of the aquaculture industry provide adequate and excellent raw materials of aquatic products; convenient sea, land and air transportation networks create a favorable environment for the export.

Main product: tilapia, tilapia fillet, pomfret, bass, penaeus vannamei and other seafoods.


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