14th Shanghai International Fisheries and Seafood Exhibition
14th Shanghai International Aquaculture Exhibition
28-30 August 2019 • Shanghai New International Expo Center, China

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Seek mutually beneficial cooperation, join hands at World Seafood Shanghai for a new chapter

Datetime: 2017-12-13

The 13th World Seafood Shanghai (hereinafter referred to as “WSS”) will be held at Shanghai New International Expo Center during August 29-31, 2018. WSS will be held concurrently with Shanghai International Catering and Ingredients Exhibition, and will launch a well-prepared “B2B Professional Aquatic Products Trade Show”, connecting three major groups – the producing and processing party, the distributor and the group purchase consumer terminal, and providing a professional, premium and effective important business and trade platform for the development of the global aquaculture industry. The exhibition attracts tens of thousands of industrial elites to gather in Shanghai every year.


Looking back to the past  a new success created in 2017 

In 2017, the 12th Shanghai International Fisheries and Seafood Exhibition achieved a great success, making historic breakthroughs in terms of both exhibitors and visitors and creating a new record. 1,215 domestic and overseas companies participated in the exhibition, which attracted 51,829 person-times professional visitors to visit and negotiate, who were from 59 countries and regions including the US, South Korea, Australia, Argentina, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Denmark, Canada, Ecuador, Thailand, Burma, Pakistan, Iceland, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Sri Lanka. Exhibitor satisfaction reached 92%, and visitor satisfaction was as high as 95%.


Looking ahead  exciting show to come in 2018

During August 29-31, 2018, inheriting the past successes, World Seafood Shanghai and Shanghai International Catering and Ingredients Exhibition will be held at W1, W2, W3, W4 and W5 of the Shanghai New International Expo Center. The exhibition area will cover 60,000 square meters, and the number of exhibitors and visitors is expected to reach 1,500 and 55,000 respectively. There will be various types of aquatic products, deep-processed aquatic products, prepared food and instant seafood at the show, and leaders of various aquatic segments like fishing, processing, distribution and relevant cultivation techniques will attend the exhibition. Local leading enterprises of Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, Guangdong, Fujian, Beihai, Dalian and Dandong will demonstrate characteristic aquatic products of different areas across China. Moreover, industrial leaders will bring world quality from countries and regions including the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Ecuador, Korea, Thailand, Burma, Pakistan, Iceland, Spain, Ireland, Norway and Denmark.


Seeking mutually beneficial cooperation, and building a new milestone together

After 12 years of development, the influence and effectiveness of World Seafood Shanghai are highly recognized by aquatic manufacturers and purchasers. Since the pre-sales of exhibition booths started in October this year, old exhibitors have responded positively and new exhibitors have signed up enthusiastically, and there has been active reservation for booths. Famous brands like Shanghai Fisheries, Guolian Aquatic Products, Zhangzidao Fishery Group, Shandong Shipping, Hengxing Group, Zhejiang Lianhai, Jiangsu Grain & Oil, Ocean Treasure, Dalian Tianzheng, Fortune Valley, Oravida, Future Cuisine, SONGA, Omarsa, Santa and Expalsa have confirmed their participation and booked important positions of various exhibition areas. In addition to the exhibition booth, exhibitors have started to pay more attention to the publicity and promotion of the exhibition, and are further enhancing their participation and cooperation relating to the events held concurrently with the exhibition. World Seafood Shanghai closely follows the development of the industry and grows with exhibitors. We are developing steadily and looking forward to jointly achieving more successes in the future. World Seafood Shanghai looks forward to joining hands with more old and new exhibitors to build on what we have achieved and write a new chapter of brilliance together!


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About World Seafood Shanghai

World Seafood Shanghai started in 2006 and has been held once in a year in the past 13 years. It has now become a “B2B aquatic products trade professional exhibition”. Themed on “Focusing on Shanghai, Staying on Top of the Market”, and adhering to the principle of being “international, professional and commercial”, 12 exhibitions have been held successfully, building a professional platform for exchange, cooperation and sustainable development for aquatic enterprises.


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