14th Shanghai International Fisheries and Seafood Exhibition
14th Shanghai International Aquaculture Exhibition
28-30 August 2019 • Shanghai New International Expo Center, China

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Meet The First Class Shrimp - -Ecuador Shrimp

Datetime: 2018-05-14

(Picture is from CNA)


Penaeus Vannamei(also known as “White-leg shrimp”)originates in the warm water area of eastern Pacific Ocean, ranging from south Sonora in Mexico to northern Peru. The wild White-leg shrimps are mostly concentrated on coastal waters of the Central America, whereas more White-leg shrimps gather at the Ecuador coast.


Ecuador, with the Pacific Ocean on its west, is abundant in marine resources and boasts the beautiful sceneries. It is the water and air of superior quality that nourish White-leg shrimp and contribute to their delicious taste.


The scientific name of Ecuador shrimp is Penaeus Vannamei. Most White-leg shrimp exported from Ecuador comes from aquaculture. There are more than 3,000 shrimp-culturing farms with the total area of 215,000 hectares in Ecuador. Shrimp aquaculture, along with shrimp processing industry, brings considerable income to 210,000 local households, three fourths of which are small and medium-sized players. Ecuador is the first country in the world to carry forward and further develop the shrimp aquaculture. Its first shrimp-culturing farm was put into operation in 1967 and is still in production.


Ecuadorian shrimp has a fat body with thin shell, which means a high dressing rate. Besides, it has various kinds of nutrients needed by human body, and therefore becomes one of the most delicious cuisines. The unique growing environment enables the White-leg shrimp to generate glycine which brings about sweet flavor, aspartic acid and glutamic acid which bring about fresh taste. Therefore, the nutritious value of the Ecuador shrimp is much higher than that of domestic shrimps. What’s more, Ecuador shrimp is very rich in protein, unsaturated fatty acid and various minerals, such as zinc, phosphorus, iron, calcium, magnesium, sodium, etc. The unsaturated fatty acid can lower the cholesterol level, improve blood circulation and enhance memory, which is very helpful for health. All in all, Ecuador shrimp features the best quality, natural cultivation and fresh taste with tight and elastic mouthfeel.


The First Class Shrimp in Chinese Market


It is reported that Ecuador exported more than 15,000 tons of White-leg shrimp to China in 2017.


According to an interview with CNA president by the Fishfirst channel, most Ecuadorian shrimp in Chinese market is sold Head-On Shell-On. 30/40 and 40/50 (refers to “number of shrimp/kg”) are more popular in China.


It should be emphasized that Ecuador shrimp with shells and heads can test real quality. It takes 60 days from harvesting, freezing, shipment, delivery and finally presenting on Chinese customers tables. During that process, the cold chain is crucial for keeping the shrimps integrated. Ecuador shrimp-culturing ponds are close to the processing factories, which ensures no more than four hours are required from fishing to processing. Therefore, 80% of our shrimp products are with shells and heads, and the other 20% are heads off ones.


The First Class Shrimp with its certifications

Ecuador has gained a lot of certifications. Now, we want to further lift the standards, such as a ban on using antibiotics. In Ecuador, a lot of companies do not use antibiotics, but have not filed for certification yet. Ecuador was the first country that obtain the certification of shrimp-culturing from ASC, before that everyone thought it as an impossible mission.


At the Seafood Expo North America held in Boston this year, many Ecuador exporters joined hands with CNA to initiate the certification process of Sustainable Shrimp Partnership (SSP), so that to set new standards for the industry and improve the image of Ecuador shrimp industry in the international market.


SSP certification covers the certification standards of the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) and other three index: zero antibiotics, traceability and zero-impact on water environment. President of the National Chamber of Aquaculture of Ecuador, once said that White-leg shrimp export was the second-largest source of foreign exchange income for Ecuador after oil. In the future, the output expansion of White-leg shrimp would lie on “high-density” aquaculture. Hence, it was necessary for Ecuador White-leg shrimp to build its brand and get recognized by the US market.”


Discover the city’s huge market at World Seafood (SIFSE) Shanghai 2018

Together with five famous Ecuador shrimp enterprises, CNA will appear at the World Seafood Shanghai (SIFSE). Please visit World Seafood Shanghai at your most convenience and get the most popular product- - Ecuador shrimp!



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