14th Shanghai International Fisheries and Seafood Exhibition
14th Shanghai International Aquaculture Exhibition
28-30 August 2019 • Shanghai New International Expo Center, China

Exhibition news

World Seafood Shanghai 2019 Joins Hands with Exhibitors to Create New Brilliancy

Datetime: 2019-01-09


World Seafood Shanghai (Shanghai International Fisheries and Seafood Exhibition) 2019, together with the 10th China Food Shanghai(SIFCE), will be held from August 28th to August 30th, 2019 in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Covering an exhibition area of 100,000 square meters in 8 exhibition halls, this exhibition will remain professional and excellent as usual, with domestic and foreign fisheries and seafood enterprises and insiders participating. By then, there will be 2,000 famous enterprises and over 65,000 professional visitors coming to the exhibition to contribute to a fisheries and seafood feast that is both highly professional and participatory. 



World Seafood Shanghai (SIFSE) has been highly recognized by global fisheries and seafood insiders due to its professionalism and excellence. As soon as the exhibition solicitation in 2019 has begun, various fisheries and seafood-related organizations from home and abroad as well as industry associations has responded quickly, alongside with applications from both old and new customers. As of now, we have received applications for exhibition of approximately 1,000 enterprises in fisheries and seafood and catering and ingredients from about 20 countries and regions, including Ecuador, Norway, Spain, Korea, Australia, Chile, Pakistan, Vietnam, and Mexico, etc. The total reserved exhibition areas are expected to exceed 20,000 square meters.  



Meanwhile, the publicity and promotion of World Seafood Shanghai (SIFSE) 2019 has been launched in full swing. Guided by the principle of focusing on both depth and infiltration in cooperation, we have in-depth cooperation with industry associations, end-seller associations, and industry media, as well as covering mass media, including sina.com, sohu.com, www.163.com, and we also reached cooperation with the two giant search engines Baidu and Google in promotion. Furthermore, we have launched "Promotion in Hundreds of Cities" and "Publicity with Tens of Thousands of Shops" towards fish markets and tens of millions-odd dealers across the country in more than 100 cities. In addition, under the partnership with cold chain logistics companies, we advertise on refrigerated vans to draw the attention of frozen food industry and widely invite insiders to come to the exhibition for visit and procurement.