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2018 Norwegian Seafood Exports to China Hit a Record High Value

Datetime: 2019-01-10

  • In the China market, Norwegian seafood exports rose steadily, which marks a record high for export value at 3,738 million NOK.
  • Norwegian Arctic Cod, Norwegian Salmon and Mackerel listed the top three species measured in terms of export value to China in 2018.
  • New seafood species continue to gain ground on the China market.
  • Continued growth is predicted through 2019 due to the rapid development of cold-chain industry and new retail market.

10 Jan 2019/ SHANGHAI – In 2018, the Norwegian seafood industry had a successful year. Norway exported a total of 2.7 million tons of seafood throughout the year, reaching a new record of NOK 99 billion of export value. In the China market, Norwegian seafood exports also rose steadily, reaching a volume of nearly 150,000 MT and the highest export value at 3,738 million NOK.


 “China has been one of the most important countries to the Norwegian seafood industry, and we see a record high value in the seafood export from Norway to China.” said Victoria Braathen, Director of Norwegian Seafood Council for Mainland China and Hong Kong. “In 2018 we have seen several significant steps in the seafood trade between Norway and China. The export growth is most significantly driven by the growing export of fresh Norwegian salmon to China. In 2018, we have also marked that the Norwegian seafood industry have had joint presence in China for 20 years. Thanks to investments in long-term cooperation, the growth in seafood trade between Norway and China has been significant over the last two decades, providing a promising framework for future, prosperous seafood trade.” 



Species Highlights: 

Norwegian Salmon: Norwegian salmon exports to China have rebounded strongly this year. In July, China’s repeal of restrictions on Norwegian salmon imports boosted its exports to the market. The export volume jumped from 4,000 MT in 2017 to 12,057 MT, showing a 207 percent upsurge. Salmon has the second largest share measured in terms of export value to China in 2018. The export value is NOK 826 million, increased by 275 percent year-on-year. As China’s demand for Atlantic salmon is set to grow, Norway will continue to provide high-quality salmon products to meet the increasing needs of the market. 


Norwegian Arctic Cod: White fish lead by the Norwegian Arctic Cod is a vital species group which accounted for more than half of the Norwegian seafood export volume to China. Norwegian Arctic Cod has the largest share of any species measured in terms of export value to China, achieving 856 million NOK. The export of Greenland Halibut, another kind of white fish, surged 97 percent in value and 90 percent in volume compared to 2017, reaching an export value of 389 million NOK and volume of 8,185 MT. 


Pelagic fish: The export volume of pelagic fish from Norway to China is 58,012 tons, reaching the value of 734 million. The export value of mackerel to China 612 million NOK, which is the third largest species measured by value from Norway to China in 2018. 


Crustacean: Chinese consumers have a growing demand for crustacean. Thanks to the momentous and valuable increase of domestic consumption in China, the Norwegian king crab export value significantly increased by 276 percent, reaching 13 million NOK. King Crab has gained great favor in China. Moreover, the export value of the snow crab also increased by an impressive 825 percent, amounting to 12.9 million NOK. “The strong and sustained growth of seafood exports to China over the past 20 years demonstrates the continued success of Norwegian seafood’s penetration in this valuable market,” said Victoria Braathen, “As the cold-chain industry and new retail market in China continues to develop rapidly, Norwegian seafood will further tap into two- to three-tier cities to satisfy the growing consumer demands. We are confident in this continued growth and strengthened business results in 2019.” 


New Source: Norwegian Seafood Council