14th Shanghai International Fisheries and Seafood Exhibition
14th Shanghai International Aquaculture Exhibition
28-30 August 2019 • Shanghai New International Expo Center, China

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Manufacturers of prepared, value-added and processed Aquatic Products Gather for World Seafood Shanghai!

Datetime: 2019-05-20

China is now the largest consumer of aquatic products around the world and produces more than 40% of the global aquatic products. With the living standards of the people constantly improving and the consumption pattern increasingly optimizing, aquatic products have been accounting for a higher and higher portion in the diet structure of Chinese people and the annual consumption has been increasing at an average rate of 3%.



According to the 2018 Chinese Fishery Statistics Report, in 2017, there were 9,674 aquatic product manufacturers in China with a total processing capacity of 29.2623 million tons per year. They produced 21.9625 million tons of aquatic products throughout the year, up by 1.42% over the previous year.



In recent years, China has witnessed steady progress in social and economic development, an upturn in the living standards of the people, an increasing demand for aquatic products and an upgrade of consumption mode, which have resulted in significant changes to the demand structure for aquatic products. Seafood has found its way into the mass market and become a regular diet of average households. The previously monotonous aquatic raw materials have been replaced by an abundance of aquatic products and ingredients and light processing by ultra-processing. Even ultra-processed aquatic products of different geographical origins differ from each other in flavor.



Semi-finished ingredients make it easier to cook some aquatic dishes that entailed a lot of complicated work before and are more popular with consumers. As shown by relevant statistics, the major categories of aquatic product processing in China are frozen food, semi-finished and seasoned food, seasoned snacks, minced fish and minced fish products, cooked food, dried products, smoked products, fishmeal, algae food, health care products, etc.



In China, the market of raw materials for aquatic products has already been saturated, but the ultra-processing market still has great potential for further growth. According to some surveys, ultra-processing can improve the utilization efficiency of aquatic resources and add more value to aquatic products, thus increasing the profitability of the aquatic industry. Moreover, aquatic product manufacturers can, by creating new brands or joining established brands, enhance the loyalty of their customers and raise their profiles, while at the same time launching integrated marketing campaigns and responding quickly to market demands.



The 14th World Seafood Shanghai (SIFSE), building a perfect network among manufacturers, retailers, and purchasers & consumers as well as providing a one-stop platform for aquatic products procurement, will help you gain insights into the trends of the aquatic industry, and have a deeper understanding of “specialized B2B aquatic trade.”