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Norway, Russia hike Atlantic cod quota for 2021


Norway and Russia have agreed on a lift in the Atlantic cod quota for 2021, lifting it 20% year-on-year.

The cod stock is in good condition and the total quota for northeast Arctic cod for 2021 was set at 885,600 metric tons, in line with the management rule and advice issued by the International Council for the Exploration of the Seas.

Norway, Russia hike Atlantic cod quota for 2021(图1)

The total cod quota is distributed between Norway, Russia and third countries according to the same pattern as in previous years. Norway's quota for 2021 will be 397,635t, including 21,000t of coastal cod and 7,000t of reserch catch.

The total quota for haddock is set at 232,537t for 2021, in line with the management rule. The Norwegian hoddock quota will thus be 113,348t, including the research quota.

Norway, Russia hike Atlantic cod quota for 2021(图2)

2020's advice, and agreed quota, was set at 215,000t.

The total quota for blue halibut in 2021 is set at 27,000t.

News Source: UCN